EdgeCommerce is a complete eCommerce web based platform. It is easy to use and customise. The EdgeCommerce team is formed by business people and developers, bringing the best of both worlds. We created a software that is reliable, robust, yet still allow anyone to use it with ease.

  • PHP 7, Fuel Framework

    The Edge Commerce includes all standard ecommerce functions such as product catalogue, customer database, dashboard, order management, stock management and discount vouchers. In addition, it also offers some advanced functionality such as image hotspot, different prices for specific customers, flexible info tabs and much more.

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We are passionate about eCommerce. We have being developing ecommerce websites for over 10 years. Many of ours clients have approached us with a need for a robust eCommerce system which is easy to implement, easy to use, light on the server side. That is how the EdgeCommerce has come to life. It was created based on the needs of our clients. As an agile development company, we have been improving the system in the last few years.

There was always a lack of good options to run the online shop. Magento is great, but too complex, not user friendly, slow to develop, expensive to maintain. WordPress is also great, but it was not built to be an eCommerce platform. We love and develop in both platforms, hence we understand their strengths and weaknesses. The Edge Commerce came to fill in a gap between a robust and an easy to use system. We were inspired on both systems and brought you the Edge Commerce.


With complete reporting (Orders, Customers, Products, Sales and more) and a modern graphic interface you can keep on track of all your website activities in one centralised platform. In addition, the EdgeCommerce is fully compatible to integrate with Google Analytics, providing further behaviour information about your customers.



The EdgeCommerce allow different permission level for each administrator users. Your organisation might have users who are only allow to process orders, or manage products. We can setup the users permission according to your needs.



The system provides full control to your products. It allows products to be allocated into categories, attributes (e.g.: Size x Colour), price management, image management, documents and videos, info tabs, comprehensive SEO tools and more. In addition, it allows you to manage stock and product behaviour based on stock control.



The EdgeCommerce has the most advanced customer management functions available yet. In includes all the basic customer functionality such as customer details, credit account, customer groups. It also includes an advanced pricing group functionality which allows the administrator to setup special prices per product to specific customers. All of that is then combined with an front end login dashboard which allows the customer to login, view their special prices, details, shipping address in a modern and easy to use interface.



All orders processed by your clients gets stored in the database and available on the CMS. The administrator can then process the orders on the backend. The system will send auto-responder to the customer communicating the order stage (Pending, Paid, Shipped, etc) as you change it on the CMS. All orders get a time stamp and an order number, so you can keep track of the activities in the website. In addition, you can add order internal order notes and keep a log of all changes made to the orders.



In addition to the ecommerce features, you can also manage all static pages on your website, such as About Us and Terms and Conditions. The EdgeCommerce also includes a newsfeed (blog) functionality to allow you to post dynamic articles and content as you go. This feature is fantastic for SEO and can provide great marketing benefits if optimised.



Promotions are a vital functionality for online shops. The EdgeCommerce allows you to create discounts vouchers based on percentage discount, fixed amount discount and even free shipping. In addition, you can create a promotion to last for a specific period of time and be used a limited number of times.



With productivity in mind, the ecommerce system has automation built in. It send all the order automatically to the buyer and administrator. It has automation on order status, password reset and more. In addition, the system has the flexibility to create any automation to suit all businesses requirements for efficiency.


Businesses using the EdgeCommerce